The Art Of Serving Chocolate

Since its inception in the early 1970’s, in Beirut(The Capital of Lebanon),UCMT (United CompanyFor Manufacturing and Trading of Chocolates & Confectionery has been supplying its customersto many countries, with a wide range of exquisite in-house labeled chocolate, dragées, confectionery and delights, all comparable in flavor and texture to the very best produced worldwide.

The company’s success revolves around its founder, Mr. Mahmoud Youssef Hamoush who has put into practice his master knowledge he gained over the years from working with various chocolate companies. It was his combination of expertise, devotion, passion, quality, exceptional flavors, artisanal fabrications of chocolate, as well as meticulous wrapping of items that made the company occupy the top positions in the trade business and customer’s hearts.

Now Mr. Mahmoud’s sons are following his path.